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Sharon Dolin’s Appearances at the AWP Conference in DC

Thursday-Sat. Feb. 9-11. Writing About Art in Barcelona @ the Book Fair. 408. Stop by and visit. Pick up a brochure.

Friday. Feb. 10: 3-4:15pm. Poets Writing the Holocaust: The New Generation .(, , , , ): Marquis Salon 7 & 8, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Two

Sat. Feb. 11: 12-1:15pm: 50 Years of the Pitt Poetry Series: Readings from the Northeast Quadrant. (, , , , ) Poets with recent books in the Pitt Poetry Series, living in the Northeast, read from their work. Marquis Salon 6, Marriott Marquis, Meeting Level Two

Sat. Feb. 11: 2pm: Signing at Pitt Table AWP Book Fair: #353

AWP Conference in Los Angeles March 31st-April 2nd

Friday, April 1st: The Return of Aphrodite’s Daughter: Rhetoric in Contemporary Poetry

10:30 am to 11:45 am                                                                             Room 403 B, LA Convention Center, Meeting Room Level

F142. Participants: ,  ,  ,  ,  .

Persuasion is Aphrodite’s daughter: It is she who beguiles our mortal hearts. So wrote Sappho 2,600 years ago, and rhetorical figures persist as the structural foundation of many memorable lines of poetry—from Mark Doty to Terrance Hayes to Lyn Hejinian. After a successful panel in Seattle, five contemporary poets return to discuss five different rhetorical figures, such as apostrophe, litotes, negatio, and prosopopeia, as they exist in their own poems and in those of poets they admire.

 Fri., April 1: 12-12:30 pm: Book-Signing for Manual  for Living at the Book Fair

University of Pittsburgh Press Table (403, 405)

Barcelona Poetry WorkshopSat., April 2nd: 6:30 pm to 8 pm; Cocktail Hour Reception

Come say hello, grab a drink, and hear about Writing About Art in Barcelona (June 1-10)

S296. Writers Conferences & Centers (WC&C) Reception

Plaza 1, JW Marriott LA, 3rd Floor

A public gathering to celebrate the incredible work being done at writers’ conferences, centers, festivals, retreats, and residencies across the US and internationally. Come have a drink and some snacks, learn more about these programs, and connect with their directors.